Foster a Positive Mindset; Carve Out Time and Space to Connect with Your Intuition

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to check in with the most important person in your life – you! Carving out time and space to connect with your intuition is the cornerstone for creating a healthy lifestyle and a positive mind-set. When you learn to follow your intuition’s cues, you will enhance your confidence and reclaim your self-trust.

Fall is a time for new beginnings. So let is be a time for you to reconnect with you. You can engage in a journey of deep self-exploration. During periods of change, it’s normal for your confidence and self-trust to waver. Fear creeps in, and suddenly your mind is flooded with judgment and self-doubt. Whenever you feel this shift, it’s time to reconnect with your intuition. Maintaining a strong relationship with yourself will allow you to feel the fear and do it anyway, no matter what “it” may be.

What can you do to reconnect?

1) Spend time this week identifying a sacred place that you can visit to connect with your inner voice and intuition. You might choose a space in your home, a spiritual space, a café, or a park near your office that feels particularly inspiring to you. The key is to choose a place that will allow you to tap into your inner feelings without interruption.

2) Once you’ve identified a sacred place, take yourself on a date. Bring a fresh new journal and a pen or pencil. If it helps you relax, light a candle or play some music. Enjoy a warm beverage. Eliminate potential sources of distraction by turning off your phone or other devices.

3) Open your journal to a clean page and center yourself by writing this affirmation on the page: “I honor progress over perfection. “ Spend a few minutes writing down what this phrase means to you in the current moment. Consider these questions if you have trouble getting started:

  • What is your relationship with perfection?

  • What do you visualize when you think of perfection? Draw it on the page.

  • What does your perfect meal, diet, exercise routine, job, or home environment look like?

  • What does your perfect relationship with money look like?

4) As you progress on this journey, you can return to your sacred place whenever you need to quiet your mind and connect with your inner voice. Feel free to return to the affirmation, “I honor progress over perfection” when you feel self-doubt creep in.

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Jessica KishpaughComment