Pilot: The One Where Jessica Started a Blog

So yes, I started a blog. Why not add to the craziness of my life, right? Sleepless nights. Crying babies. Terrible twos. Sound familiar?  I recently gave birth to my second boy in late March. Life has been a whirlwind while also juggling a 2-year old toddler. They say 1 + 1 is totally not 2 when you have your second child and “they” are definitely right! One would think I’d be crawling under my covers to hide from overwhelm and anxiety.  Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs no matter how young or old your children are. But as a Mom, you can either let the hard control you, or you can take control of the hard with grace and strength. I choose the latter. And it all starts with self love.

So I started a blog so I can share my stories of motherhood, my wellness tips, my recipes and anything else that may benefit you!

So let’s talk a little about self love or self care. You’ve probably heard the buzzword self care, but really, what exactly is it? It’s not the mushy gushy type of love. And it’s much more than going to get a mani pedi.

Many of us, especially busy Moms like me, are so focused on caring for everyone else around us that we often neglect to take care of ourselves. And the result? We suffer. We gain weight. We feel overwhelmed. We feel exhausted. We feel unbalanced.

Enter the concept of loving ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves is directly related to how we take care of ourselves - from the words we think and speak, to the food we eat, to the daily actions we take. 

So how do you incorporate self care into your life as a non-negotiable part of your existence so that you can overcome stress with ease? 

First, change your mindset.  Start by letting go of past actions, experiences or people that no longer serve you.  Keeping yourself in the present and out of the past or future will bring you inner peace.

Next, incorporate mindfulness.  Being mindful is the simple practice of slowing down and enjoying each step, each breath. How often do you drive to work in the morning thinking about all the things you need to do at work when you get there? You get to your destination and you haven’t even noticed anything about your surroundings. Mindfulness occurs when you pause to take a breath of fresh air, feel your leg muscles working as you walk, aware of each foot as it meets the pavement, and aware of the grass and trees around you.  

Third, establish a healthy, present relationship with food.  To eat mindfully, rather than mindlessly, means you know what you are putting into your body, how much you are eating, and the pace at which you eat. It means you are enjoying each bite and the company surrounding you, rather than shoveling food in your throat in one hand, while feeding the kids and checking your email on your Iphone in the other. 

Lastly, incorporate gratitude as a habitual part of your life.  Gratitude is more than simply feeling thankful for something; it is more like a deeper appreciation that produces longer lasting positivity.   Acts of gratitude are done unconditionally to show to people that they are appreciated and come with a plethora of benefits - reduced stress, decreased anxiety, and depression, improved sense of well-being, openness and calm, strengthened interpersonal relationships, improved optimism, happiness, discipline and focus, better physical and mental health, and an overall better life.

Oscar Wilde said it best - “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”  

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