Wow! You seem to be on the right path. Keep focusing on your self care. Congrats!

If you're still looking to make a change to your health and wellness or for more support and accountability in nutrition and mindset, come schedule a free Breakthrough Call with me so we can make sure you are living life to your fullest.

You're may be wishing for more time. More time with your kids. More time to do the things you love. More time to work out. More time to cook. More time to get a little joy out of life. I have women coming to me with these same complaints all the time. You’re not alone!

I don’t expect you to know exactly what to do and that’s where I come in.


Hi! I'm Jessica Kishpaugh, Certified Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach and Mom of two little boys. I work with busy Moms who are overwhelmed, stressed, lack the time or energy to focus on self care and want to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It all starts with self care.

For me, I wasn’t always healthy or happy. Actually, I was kind of a hot mess for many years. By embracing self-care, I learned that the relationship we have with ourselves is directly related to how we take care of ourselves, including our relationship with food. I learned to literally love myself from the inside out - from the words I think and speak, to the food I eat, to the daily actions I take, in order to create the beautiful life I now enjoy. Many of us, especially busy Moms like me, are so focused on caring for everyone else around us that we often neglect to take care of ourselves. And the result? We suffer. We gain weight. We feel overwhelmed. We feel exhausted. We feel unbalanced. We feel helpless. Enter the concept for LoYo Wellness. Love yourself. And it starts with you taking the first step.

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Limit Fight or Flight!

Certain triggers tell your brain “we’re in trouble!” and your body handles stress by activating your fight or flight hormones and responses. Your job is to limit these triggers by doing the following:

  1. Keep your blood sugar level balanced

  2. Uncover and avoid trigger foods

  3. Reduce environmental toxins

  4. Avoid extreme “all-out” exercise

  5. Reduce or eliminate caffeine

  6. Prioritize getting a full night of quality, uninterrupted sleep

  7. Get support and outsource tasks

  8. Avoid stressful situations AND stress people as much as possible

  9. Draw boundaries around stressful situations you can’t avoid

Activate Rest and Digest

These are things you can do to activate your nervous system in a calming way. They say to your brain “We’re ok. We’re safe.” Pick 1 or 2 to focus on until your scheduled Beat the Burnout Breakthrough session!

  1. Singing and dancing

  2. Deep breathing

  3. Spending time in nature

  4. Laughing

  5. Exercising moderately

  6. Supplementing with magnesium

  7. Getting a regular massage

  8. Doing yoga or other mindfulness based practices like meditation

  9. Giving yourself time off from being productive to simply enjoy yourself.