Corporate Wellness Workshops

& Wellness Coaching Days

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  • Are you a company looking to help your employees or clients have a happier, healthier workday?

  • Would you like your employees to learn how to make better food and lifestyle choices?

  • Are you looking to reduce stress in the workplace?

  • Would you like to empower your employees with an opportunity to receive one-on-one health and mindset coaching?

  • Do you need an engaging speaker for an upcoming lunch-and-learn or special event?

Well You're in Luck!

LoYo Wellness provides companies with interactive, informative and fun Wellness Workshops on an array of topics (listed below) to inspire healthy and happy living. I also offer Wellness Coaching Days, a more intimate one-on-one coaching experience for individuals of a larger group or company. For both programs, I facilitate active learning, participation and individual empowerment and I provide all participants with a call to action and resources to take home with them.


Who Are Workshops & Wellness Days For?


Benefits to Employees & Employers

Educating your employees about topics like healthy food and lifestyle choices, stress reduction, exercise and eating for energy can provide the following benefits:

To employees…

  • Reduced chronic disease

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Fewer food cravings & more mindful eating

  • Improved nutrition knowledge and healthier eating habits

  • Improved overall mental and physical health & well-being

To the company:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Reduction in health care costs

  • Reduction in workers compensation & disability related costs

  • Increased daily work production

  • Increased employee satisfaction and happiness

  • Improved communication skills among employees

  • Improved creativity and empowerment

  • Improved colleague camaraderie

  • Improved morale in the workplace

  • Attract more talented employees and experience less turnover



The following topics are some of the hot topics available to you. Please contact me for more details and information on how I can personalize a topic for your group.

  • Work-Life Balance: Time management, decluttering, efficiency, procrastination, unplugging from technology

  • Heal Your Mind & Body: Guided stretching session with self care tips, plus a relaxing guided breathing meditation

  • Managing Stress in the Workplace: Resiliency and reducing stress at work

  • Why Diets Don’t Work: How to eat cleaner and live a healthier life without restrictions

  • Eating for Energy: Fuel your day with the right food and mindset

  • Stress Buster: Understanding your trigger points, stress alleviation tools (includes guided meditation)

  • Kick Your Sugar Habit For Good: How to curb sugar cravings, learn the hidden sources of sugar, and understand our relationship with sugar

  • Healthy Holidays: How to be, feel, and live healthier and happier during the holiday season

  • New Year, New You: Setting and achieving manageable goals and intentions, getting clear on our values and self worth.

  • Detoxing 101: What is a “cleanse” or “detox”? Understand toxins and the benefits, tips, and myths of detoxing.

  • Smoothie Demonstration: Healthy smoothie samples and nutrition talk

  • Women’s Health: Empower your inner woman with vibrant health!

  • Men’s Health: Tips for men to take control of their health and lives

  • The 4th Trimester: Nutrition guidance for pregnant & postpartum women, transition into mommyhood, self care for new moms, finding calm in the chaos

  • Family Wellness: Healthy living for busy families and healthier, happier kids

  • Healthy Kids: Age-specific workshops for children to learn about healthier eating

  • Children and Stress / Resiliency in Parenting: Triggers and tips for parents to reduce childhood and teenage stress

  • Evolution of Eating: Healthy eating historical guidelines through the years



Wellness Coaching Days include 2-4 hours of back-to-back individual 20-minute coaching sessions. Each participating employee receives a private 20 minute wellness coaching session with Jessica Kishpaugh, Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coach.

Employees will work to achieve wellness goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, improving sleep, and managing stress. At the end of every coaching session, each employee will receive action steps to assist them to reach their goals.

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