Burnout to Brilliant


A 6 week group program for women to achieve the ultimate nutrition & fitness support, work/life balance, stress alleviation, and to empower you to be the happiest and healthiest woman you deserve to be.

We’ve revamped and restyled!

The new and improved Burnout to Brilliant program is launching in September

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About the Program


Burnout to Brilliant is all about women supporting women and holding each other accountable so you can live your best life.

We provide unlimited expertise and support in whole food healthy and intuitive eating, mindfulness and self care, stress and time management, and fitness / fun workouts in a pinch!

By the end of 6 weeks, you will feel healthier, stronger, more energized, more relaxed, and more fulfilled… not to mention being able to fit into that little black dress hanging in the back of your closet or being able to run after your kids without feeling totally out of breath!


B to B is Perfect for You If:

→ You’re a busy, overwhelmed mom  

→ You’re tired of yo-yo dieting and want to lose fat the healthy way  

→ You feel stressed out and don’t know how to relax

→ You can’t seem to balance family, work, and your own self care

→ You're totally finished with dragging yourself to the gym  

→ You’d like to finally lose your baby weight

→ You really need support and accountability

→ You want quick and easy ways to eat healthy and workout from home! 

→ You’re looking for easy and healthy hacks or wellness solutions for your family  

→ You’d love to be a part of a tribe of women who uplift each other  

→ You want more fun and enjoyment in your life!

→ You’re pregnant and want a healthy, relaxed pregnancy


What’s Included

  • 6 weeks of nutrition and mindset modules, activities, and guided inspiration to educate, energize, heal and balance yourself.

  • 1 weekly group coaching call with Jessica (includes live Q&A) in nutrition & lifestyle topics

  • Weekly live online fitness classes with the amazing Laura Kovall, our Certified Personal Trainer and owner of The Fit Co.

  • Meal Prep Guide & Nutrition Plan with lots of recipes!

  • Private VIP Facebook group where you can have your questions answered and the extra support and accountability you need

  • A library of nutrition handouts, meal planning resources and mindful relaxation techniques

  • FREE challenges with a chance to win prizes!


Testimonials from other Mamas:

The intuitive eating session really spoke to me and I’m diving into that a little more on my own. I am loving the diversity of the sessions that you’re offering. They’ve been spot on. I’ve also started meditating more often. The group element is great and I like the sense of comradery and support. I love the Zoom Coaching Calls!

- Meredith

“I love having the Facebook group and the classes. The resources that have been shared on meal prep and planning are great!”

- Lauren



What’s better than accountability partners to motivate you, support you and assure your own success? Accountability partners who can help you earn cash back! YES! We have a generous accountability referral program where for every woman who you refer who enrolls in Burnout to Brilliant, you will receive 10% of your total fee back (for up to 3 referrals).


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